Colorado Cutting Boards & Chopping BlocksThank you for purchasing your Colorado Wood Slice butcher block cutting board.  All of our boards are end-grain construction which will keep your knives sharper longer.  Instead of your knives cutting across the wood grain, they cut into the grain much like cutting into a paint brush.   Your knife separates the grain and closes when the knife pulls out.  End-grain construction will leave your board looking new with the right care.

Wood will swell and contract when exposed to moisture; this can cause splitting in the wood or stress the glue joints.  Below are some care tips to prolong the life and beauty of your board.

* OIL your board with mineral oil or a butch block blend BEFORE your first use.  Even though we finish all boards with oil, your board will wick out oil as it travels home with you.

* REOIL your board once a month, when the color starts to fade, or when it appears dry.  Oil will keep your board looking new and prevent cracking.  You can purchase mineral oil at any local pharmacy in the laxative section or purchase our Butcher Block Butter.

NEVER put your board in the dishwasher, soak in the sink, or leave on a wet countertop.  Your beautiful board will split with too much water exposure.

* Wash your board with warm soapy water, rinse then wipe DRY.  We recommend washing both sides to prevent warping.  If your board does warp, you should set the board on the counter so it appears as a rainbow shape.

* To naturally disinfect your cutting board, spray the surface with a 1/5 water vinegar solution and let sit for 10 minutes before wiping dry and finish with mineral oil.  Washing your board with antibacterial dish soap will help keep your board clean.

* To remove difficult stains, you can use a lemon salt scrub or hydrogen peroxide then FINISH with mineral oil.

* Store your board in a DRY place away from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

* We recommend having 1 board for vegetables, fruit and bread as well as 1 board for meats to prevent cross contamination.

As you see, OIL is your board’s best friend!  Happy cutting!!

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